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Pesticides/ Insecticides/
NanoUrea Spraying 

Farmers can employ drones from us to apply spraying services for pesticides with greater precision than conventional boom sprayer, tractors or manual spraying. Agriculture fertilizer and pesticides are frequently needed to kill insects and better growth of crops. Drones can be used to spray chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides, etc. based on the spatial variability of the crops and field. We provide different methods of spraying like uniform spraying, pesticides spraying organic fertiliser spraying and bio fertilizers spraying. The amount of chemicals to be sprayed can be adjusted depending upon the crop conditions, or the degree of severity of the insect-pest attack.

Crop Health Analysis

CROP HEALTH MONITORING Drones can be used to monitor the condition of crops season-wise. So that timely and need-based actions are taken. Drones can detect the exact portion of the field weather delivering balanced proportion of water level or not. Also once the crop is seeded, Drones enable the exact measurements of the crops health, heat and density allowing for watering modifications as the plants matures. Drones will help to analyse crops from various levels of reflected lights which indicate plants health across the land. Without the use of drone and camera technology, one can never detect the origin of the rust fungus until it had caused irreparable damage to their entire crop.

Seed Scattering

Drones can be used to scatter seeds for crops like wheat where broadcasting is adopted, Broadcasting seeds via drones ensures uniform distribution of seeds in the ground.

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